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Mobile cranes are highly regarded for their mobility, as well as their ability to lift heavier loads and they have better reach in lower areas compared to other cranes.  

Hi Lift Cranes offer a wide array of mobile cranes for hire that can help make even the most ambitious construction projects even easier. Prized for their heavy lifting prowess, a mobile crane s a useful tool to have on the worksite. They are the perfect tools for hoisting up massive materials and components to the upper heights of your building or construction project. Whether you’re lifting roofs, metal beams, or even trees—if you need it lifted, our cranes can do it with the fleet’s wide range of cranes for hire across the Auckland region. 

Hire Emergency Cranes in Auckland

Mobile Crane Fleet

Our Auckland crane hire services help with fulfilling an age-old construction choice: building up. It’s normal for new floors or room extensions to be added to any structure. When trying to build out, especially in a city like Auckland, numerous issues come into play. 
First, it means losing a chunk of potentially useful floor or garden space to add a new room to your house. More often than not, it also requires a zoning clearance from the local authorities. It’s easy to understand why, since an extension can’t possibly invade a nearby neighbour’s space. 

Accurate and Safe Services

Hi Lift Cranes is credited in providing mobile cranage within the Auckland region. With over 30 years experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate, comprehensive, cost-effective and safe service.

Hi Lift Cranes specialises in providing mobile cranage and specialist labour. 

Not only do we provide competitive precast concrete installation packages, our services also include specialised equipment hire of concrete skips, man cages, panel props and so much more to suit your lift. 

Here at Hi Lift Cranes, we’re confident that we can take on your lifting requirements.
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