Mobile Hydraulic Crane

Mobile Hydraulic Cranes in Auckland

Mobile hydraulic cranes and are marvels of both engineering and science. Our fleet of truck mounted hydraulic cranes have a wide array of lifting capacities, ranging from 3 to 150 tonnes. This massive lifting power is made possible by the science of hydraulics. 

A typical truck mounted hydraulic crane makes use of a property endemic to liquids: incompressibility. No matter how much force is applied to it, a liquid generally can’t be squeezed to a smaller volume than before. Several gases and solids don’t possess the same quality. 

As one of the leading mobile crane companies in Auckland, our team are always happy to deliver high quality cranes for your job site. Our fleet of truck mounted hydraulic cranes enables us to deliver strong reliable lifting & cranage services to a huge range of customers. No matter where you are in Auckland, no job is too big or too small for the team at Hi Lift cranes. We are confident that we will have a truck mounted crane that can get to your site, wherever you may be.

Provided that a load is within accepted limits, our fleet of truck mounted hydraulic cranes can lift almost everything. Be it a concrete slab, a pile of floorboard material, a stack of tiles, huge metal beams, and everything else. Need to lift someone up, but lack enough material for scaffolding? Our cranes can be outfitted with a lifting cage for this specific purpose. And all of these jobs come with a safety guarantee. The team at Hi Lift Cranes strongly believe in the importance of maintaining safety in a high-traffic workplace, especially one with heavy objects being moved around regularly. 

For more information or to hire a truck mounted crane, contact the team at Hi Lift Cranes today!

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