Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting Services in Auckland

The Team at high lift cranes are able to offer a range of heavy lifting services and transportation services for a huge range of oversized and super heavy goods. We are able to lift and shift a huge range of heavy items including concrete slabs, scaffolding and even entire roofing structures.

More often than not, our cranes are hired for the purpose of concrete lifting to move large slabs and panels of concrete on construction sites and building projects. We employ stringent concrete lifting systems to every job site to ensure your lifting needs are taken care of safely and with precision. Whatever your lifting needs, our fleet of mobile cranes can do the job without much effort. With lifting capacities ranging from 3 to 150 tonnes, our collection of cranes can prove to be extremely valuable in any type of project. 

Available Concrete Lifting Systems

Whatever you need lifting, we at Hi Lift Cranes can help. Our heavy lifting services cover a range of applications. Need concrete flooring to be lifted up and placed accordingly? Consider it done. Got concrete beams that have to reinforce a wall or any other structure? You got it. Need to install a concrete staircase? A mobile crane can help lift it up and put it in place, without any problems in terms of reach. Our range of cranes are so diverse we are sure to have a crane to suit your needs. We can offer heavy lifting services for cranes with lifting arms up to 92 metres long to ensure your concrete panels & other heavy goods are where they are needed.

Don’t worry about safety, either. We have been in the industry long enough to know how to do things right. Accompanying our cranes is our arsenal of rigging and lifting equipment which allows us to do most jobs hassle-free. Our trained and experienced crane operators and staff further add to that guarantee. Overall, there isn’t much that we can’t handle as a group. 

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